How it all started

In the early 1990’s, Susanne Burbank was the mother of three young boys whose aims in the toilet were less than perfect. Although she was constantly spraying air fresheners, her concerns that chemicals and propellants in canned air fresheners threatened people and the environment. A major manufacturer’s refusal of her request to package their products in pump-spray containers motivated Susanne to start Mother Earth Fragrance Company and develop her own line of natural fragrances. “Consumers have a right see it, pour it, spray it and trust it,” she said. The business quickly outgrew her garage so she moved it to a downtown Salt Lake City location. Soon, her thriving business necessitated a choice between family time and postponing it until the boys were grown. She chose family. In 2016, she re-started Mother Earth Fragrance Company, again packaging her unique scents in clear pump-spray bottles. Today, her mantra remains “See it. Pour it. Spray it. Trust it.   

Mother Earth Fragrance Company manufactures a variety of natural home fragrances that eliminate odors and freshen the air. They contain no irritating alcohols, propellants or chemicals. Available in two sizes, they are packaged in clear, accessible 4 oz. pump-spray bottles for everyday use, and 2 oz. size for on-the-go needs. Mother Earth provides products you see, pour, spray and trust.       


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